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The truth behind
organ donation
& transplants

The truth behind organ donation & transplants

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… The truth behind organ donation & organ transplants

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The Nasty Side of Organ Transplanting - 3rd Edition 2007.

By Norm Barber

Would you readily take your “brain dead” family member with a warm body to cremation? ... Would we lower a daughter or sister, declared “brain dead”, connected to a breathing apparatus, with a beating heart and warm and soft body into a grave? Would we then throw the dirt over her? Probably not. Yet transplant agencies suggest we hand over relatives to surgeons to perform multiple organ removal without anaesthetic while the donor is in similar condition. ...

Extract from Chapter 25 “Sociological Implications”

(Thanks to Norm Barber)

Foreword to the Third Edition

It was Professor Geoffrey Dahlenburg from the South Australian Organ Donation Agency who got me interested in organ transplanting. He said transplant coordinators would no longer be accepting a “soft no” from relatives who expressed reluctance to “donate” their next of kin’s organs. He said, “If a family says no, we need to know why. In the past we haven’t pursued that avenue. We’ve said that’s their right and leave it at that. What we’re doing now is still respecting that decision, but wanting to know why.”

That was nine years ago. In 2005 Australian state governments tightened the screws further. Relatives can no longer veto next of kin's organ harvesting unless they have “sincerely held beliefs”. I have not been able to locate a government representative who will define a “sincerely held belief”. Nor will any donation agency say who in the hospital determines whether the belief is sincerely held or not. We have come a long way since Professor Dahlenburg's “softly, softly” approach. Governments have begun usurping family control of their next of kin “brain dead” bodies.

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