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The truth behind
organ donation
& transplants

The truth behind organ donation & transplants

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… The truth behind organ donation & organ transplants


Dr David W Evans

Dr David W Evans , Retired Consultant in Cardiology, says: “Human organ transplantation is Wrong because it necessitates the abuse of the dying or harming the healthy. Doctors should not be involved in such things… I don’t know how any doctor can operate on his patient not for his good but knowingly to do him harm.” [more]


Dr David J Hill

Dr David J Hill , Retired consultant anaesthetist, says: “The Diagnosis of Death for Transplant Purposes has no international consensus and in the UK… depends upon testing only a few cubic centimetres of tissue in the brainstem for loss of function… Live organs can only come from living bodies. ” [more]


Dr Paul A Byrne

Dr Paul A Byrne , neonatalogist and pediatrician, says: “In order to be suitable for transplant, (heart, liver, lungs, kidneys and pancreas) need to be removed from the donor before respiration and circulation cease. Otherwise, these organs are not suitable, since damage to the organs occurs within a brief time after circulation of blood with oxygen stops.” [more]


Dr John B Shea

Dr John B Shea , retired diagnostic radiologist & Fellow of Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada, says: “Many physicians have serious and well-considered concerns about morality of human organ transplantation … the general public has not been properly informed about what really happens when organs are retrieved.” [more]


Bereaved mother

Bereaved mother (Bernice Jones) says: “ Brain death is not death” and “organ donation is very deceptive”. “Families are led to believe that their loved ones are dead, but in fact they are alive. You must be alive to be a vital organ donor.” [more]


Nurse Ellen B Linde

Nurse Ellen B Linde , senior graduate teaching assistant, University of Scranton, says: “Some, believing that removing vital organs is what kills the patient, view organ donation… as an act of killing… not all nurses are comfortable with a value system driven primarily by the needs of transplant recipients rather than by the needs of the potential donor.” [more]


Earl E. Appleby Jr

Earl E. Appleby Jr , Director, Citizens United Resisting Euthanasia, says: “Anyone unwise enough to have signed an organ donor card also has legitimate cause for concern. Would you trust a doctor who regards your body “not as an organism in need of healing but as a container of biological useful materials” … That’s exactly what organ donors do. ” [more]


Michael Potts

Michael Potts , medical ethicist, says: “Any action that directly causes the death of a patient, even if it is for the good of others, opposes the goal of medicine not to harm that individual patient… It is precisely whether transplantation kills the donor that is the key issue that cuts to the heart of the goals of medicine.” [more]

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NEWS: Doctors & scholars refute “brain death”

ROME, Italy, May 22, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – An international group of distinguished medical doctors and scholars refuted “brain death” as a legitimate criterion for determining actual death at a two-day conference in Rome, titled “A Medicolegal Construct: Scientific & Philosophical Evidence,”. The conference was hosted by the lay-led John Paul II Academy for Human Life and the Family at Hotel Massimo d’Azeglio in Rome.

Dr Josef Seifert opened the conference with his talk: “Brain Death” is not Death: Philosophical and Scientific Evidence in Brief.

Dr Paul A Byrne spoke about:“Brain Death” is not Death: Clinical Experience.

Dr Doyen Nguyen spoke on: Substance and Organism as a Whole Sed Contra to Moschella’s pro-“Brain Death” Rationale.

Dr Alan Shewmon spoke on: Insights into Integration: What Makes an Organism a Whole?


NEWS: Doctor disputes common acceptance of ‘brain death’

“Organ donation is a multi-billion dollar industry… larger than the abortion industry,” according to renowned neonatologist Dr. Paul A. Bryne. “Every organ that’s transplanted is a healthy one and every organ that is transplanted comes from a living person,” he said, adding that these are taken out of bodies with a “beating heart and circulation.”… (more)

Video: Interview with Dr Byrne before his talk

[ Visit website: Truth About Organ Donation ]

Don’t cut me open — don’t hurt me!

“Let me wake up!” she heard herself screaming inside her head.. While doctors hovered over her bed… Christina Nichole could hear every word they said – and their conversation terrified her. (more)

NEWS: Real Science Radio’s list of ‘brain dead’ patients who recovered

Brain dead means not dead. Don’t trust that diagnosis: A surgeon would have cut out the eyes of ‘brain dead’ 14-year-old Taylor Hale of Iowa if she hadn’t awakened in time. A man from Mississippi was being shipped to the morgue when he began kicking his way out of his body bag. …

Video: RSR's List of Brain Dead Patients Who’ve Recovered

NEWS: Organ Donors May Be Legally Alive When Harvested: Ethicist

A respected Melbourne medical ethicist claims that patients in ICUs are being declared “brain dead” for organ donation while still legally alive. Professor Nicholas Tonti-Filippini claims in a new book that medical practice is moving away from legally established criteria for determining “brain death”, to a more pliable definition, in which the crucial aspect is lack of consciousness. Prof. Tonti-Filippini’ claims are endorsed by leading Melbourne doctor, Professor James Tibballs, a Deputy Director of Intensive Care at Royal Children’s Hospital, who says the current ANZICS test for “brain death” is neither legal nor ethical, and that MOST donors cannot be proven to be truly dead when organs are removed! (more)

NEWS: Young woman refused to die

A young woman is alive and well, one year after doctors in Denmark claimed she would soon be “brain dead” and prepared to harvest her organs.

Carina Melchior suffered severe injuries after crashing her car in Denmark in October 2011. Doctors said that she was virtually “brain dead” and convinced her family to consent to organ donation. Today she is making a full recovery and is able to walk and talk and ride her pony. (more)

NEWS: Chilling Admission by Experts

Donors often alive when organs harvested according to three leading experts. They argue that the medical community should not require donors to be declared dead, but instead adopt more “honest” moral criteria that allow the harvesting of organs from “dying” or “severely injured” patients, with proper consent. They argue that the “claim” that a donor is “really dead,” is often based upon purely ideological definitions of death designed to expand the organ donor pool. (more)

NEWS: Lawsuit Alleges Donor Network Taking Organs From Living Patients

The New York Organ Donor Network pressured hospital staffers to declare patients brain dead so their body parts could be harvested while still alive according to a lawsuit filed in New York by an Air Force combat veteran and nurse practitioner who claims he was fired as a transplant coordinator after just four months for protesting the practice. Plaintiff Patrick McMahon alleges at least four instances of living patients being declared ‘brain dead’ so their body parts could be harvested while they were still alive and brain activity and other signs were present.(more)

NEWS: Doctor says “brain death” is a ‘construct’… a medico-legal fiction

Dr Doyen Nguyen speaking in Rome 2019

Dr Doyen Nguyen (Professor at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome) said in Rome, May 2019: It should be evident to readers by now that “brain death” is a medico-legal fiction, a social construct for utilitarian purposes. It does not take much imagination to figure out that the transplantation enterprise is a multi-billion dollar (or Euro) business. Even the most staunched defender of “brain death,” Bernat, had to admit (albeit very reluctantly) that the concept of “brain death” is incoherent; but, according to him, in the real world of public law and policy, we must compromise so that death can be declared and organs procured.

It is not correct to say that “brain death” is universally accepted. As Brugger points out, doubt about “brain death” has become an international consensus, in the sense that quite a number scholars in medicine, philosophy, and bioethics from countries worldwide have recognized that the “brain death” paradigm is unsound.


NEWS: 2018: Growing list of patients who recovered from ‘brain death’

2018 saw even more patients recover after being diagnosed as “brain dead”: including an 11 year old victim of electrocution, a 57 year old woman who suffered a heart attack and a 61 year old man who suffered a stroke. Clearly it is high time that there was an inquiry into the medical fraud called “brain death”, since it is so speculative and unreliable and the number of patients who survive afterwards just keeps on increasing!

Video: Michele De Leeuw’s recovery from “brain death” diagnosis.

brain injury patient on life support

NEWS: Teen revives after doctors declared her “brain-dead”

Doctors claimed that an Iowa teen’s brain had turned to “mush” and that they were 95 to 99 percent certain that she would never wake up again. They advised the family to make funeral arrangements.

Taylor Hale fell from the hood of a car in September 2011, suffering traumatic brain injury. She had swelling in her brain and a week later suffered a brain haemorrhage. Doctors declared her “brain dead” and took her off medications and life support. Hours later Taylor slowly began to awaken from a coma. Today she is a healthy high school graduate... (more)

New York Hospital Suppresses News Of “Brain Death” Survivor: Fined USD $6000

Mother speaks out against organ harvesting

Carolyn Gallaher says: “You are not dead when the organs are harvested”. Organs can only be retrieved from a patient that is being kept alive by life support until all the organs are brutally cut out. (more)

Melissa: Betrayed by uncaring doctors

Melissa Gallaher was alive after a car accident. Although suffering acute brain trauma, she responded to her mother’s voice several times. But doctors wanted her organs and decided to withhold vital care. (more)

NEWS: Donors not truly ‘dead’

MOST organ donors in Australia are not truly dead when their organs are taken. And often transplant procedures do not conform with the law, a leading Melbourne doctor has argued. Associate Professor James Tibballs, a pediatric intensive care specialist at the Royal Children’s Hospital, has called for a review of organ donation guidelines to ensure donors know that their organs can be taken when they are DYING and NOT YET DEAD. (more)

Australian Organ Retainer Cards

Here are sample organ retainer cards. They are legal documents and indicate your intentions wherever you are.

It might be wise to have multiple, original signed copies in your car and home…(more) organ retainer card

“Brain Death” Criteria for Organ Donation is a “Deception”: Bereaved Mother

ROME: February 23, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) - Bernice Jones came to Rome last week to tell the world that doctors killed her son by removing his organs. “Brain death is not death” and “organ donation is very deceptive,” the bereaved mother told LifeSiteNews.com ...

“Families are led to believe that their loved ones are dead,” Jones told LSN, “but in fact they are alive. You must be alive to be a vital organ donor.” Families, she said, are being deceived by doctors and hospital administrators, “by everyone who is involved in organ transplantation.” The declaration of brain death “is a deception, a violent deception, that your loved one is dead.” ...

Nine years ago, Mrs Jones’ son suffered an accidental gunshot wound to the head and was declared “brain dead” upon arrival at the hospital. He was immediately prepared for the removal of his organs.

Mrs Jones said, “While my family and I thought that our son was being treated for his well-being, to preserve and protect his life, he was not. He was being treated to be an organ donor.”

“His vital organs were being procured not for his benefit but to benefit someone else.”

... without the family’s knowledge, (doctors) had kept him alive on a respirator for 20 hours while flooding his body with fluids and drugs in preparation for what his mother described as a live “dissection” that brought about his death.

(From article by Hilary White, Rome correspondent, published on www.lifesitenews.com)

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